Soul Low

Soul Low "Nosebleeds" Album Release Party with Milo and The Pukes

Soul Low

Milo, The Pukes, Wax Addicts

Sat, August 13, 2016

Doors: 8:30 pm / Show: 9:00 pm

The Miramar Theatre

Milwaukee, WI

$8.00 - $10.00

Soul Low
Soul Low
"...UNEASY...explores many different ideas and styles, its sense of song structure and attention to melodic detail make for an ever-intriguing listen."
-Mark Stewart, A.V. Club

"...Soul Low weaves a colorful and ambitious tapestry...the album...stands on its own through keen lyricism, admirable arrangement and distinct (yet practical) wavering vocals."
-Tyler Maas, Milwaukee Mag

"I can honestly say that multiple times during my first listen to this album, I turned and looked at my speakers, and said to myself "what the hell is that?" (in a good way)."
-Allen Halas,

"'s hard to put a finger on what they are, exactly. But somehow Soul Low uses it to their benefit. Their jazzy, jangly indie rock songs bend genres all over the map while still sounding coherent."
-Bonny No How, No How

"...(Uneasy) a rousing, unrelentingly entertaining record, loaded with surprise twists and turns and sticky sing-alongs"
-Evan Rytlewski, Shepherd Express
rory ferreira aka milo aka scallops hotel aka black orpheus aka red wall aka the ashy handed bandit aka celeskingiii aka matthewslaveships aka hi, yello aka skipio aka the corduroy coon prince is a 24 year old rapper based in Milwaukee, WI.
The Pukes
The Pukes came together during the spring of 2015 in a fit of spontaneity. Guitar player, Jules Frank, crawled from the swamps of Florida where he was raised by Alligators and relied heavily on the native gar fish and snails for sustenance. First meeting the often elusive Sam Sharkey(who was born on the set of a 70's porno in the late 80's, with hair on his chest, and rock'n roll in his loins) at the West Allis Karaoke State Championship, the two struck up an immediate musical kinship. Then, one night, Sam and Jules went to see the highly anticipated California Raisins reunion tour. As the show was going on, neither of the two couldn't keep their eyes off the drummer (and it wasn't because he was the only member of the band that wasn't a raisin). After the show, they made it backstage, approached him, and asked him if this gig was as sweet as it tastes. He said his name was Travis and went on to explain that every raisin in the band was addicted to Ketamine and strung out all the time, he said he was ready for a new gig before things got way out of control. And that, boys and girls, is how The Pukes came together.
Wax Addicts
Venue Information:
The Miramar Theatre
2844 N. Oakland Ave.
Milwaukee, WI, 53211